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Luzmira Zerpa is a prolific Venezuelan singer/songwriter based in UK who has performed internationally as a solo artist and toured extensively throughout Europe with her band Family Atlantica (Soundway Records). Luzmira has performed at prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and the Elbphailarmonie (Hamburg) as well as festivals including Glastonbury Festival, Womad and the World Music Festival in Udaipur, India. Luzmira’s music blends traditional, folkloric music from Latin America with world influences, notably Afrobeat, blues and jazz. Her band Family Atlantica was awarded best upcoming band by Songlines Magazine in 2015. She is now presenting her new project mixing Venezuelan, Latin and African music with electronic and phychodelic sounds


Luzmira Zerpa is also a coach and healer. She was initiated by her father who is a metaphysical and spiritual teacher. Luzmira has studied extensively within the field of in energy healing and completed trainings in Los Angeles, California and with Mexican Curanderas in London. Luzmira specialises in creating traditional ceremonies and events based on Latin American folklore where she combines her love for music with her healing abilities.


She also embodies a passion for working with communities and in London worked with the organisation Live Music Now where she brought her concerts for the one who could not come to it so she played all around Uk on Prisons, Elderly Centres, Deprived communities, units for kid and adults with specials needs and young offenders units. In the last year Luzmira Zerpa started her own production company and produced festival for different estates in London and produced the festival for the International Elders day 2018.

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